Alleluia Ministries International Botswana 

Are you here to Get the Full Details of AMI Botswana , then let's get started because we are going to provide you withe the full details of Location and Branches together with the Pastors if Available.

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Pastor Mia Wright has been anointed by God in this season for THE SHIFT. It does not matter where you are coming from. Make the conscious decision to change your life. A PROPHETIC SHIFT is about to shake this nation. Is there a daughter of Zion ready to CHANGE levels?

Hear me daughters of Zion. A SHIFT is coming to this generation and God will do it through you. Join Bishop Celeste Lukau, Bishop Jacqueline Bezuidenhout and Pastor Mia K Wright from Houston Texas in the USA for 3 Nights of POWER. Your destiny is about to change. It has been said that in "this" family no one gets married, no one prospers and no one has financial breakthrough.

I am here to announce that the anointing BREAKS such yokes! You have to COME. Prosperity is coming to you. Whatever was closed will open up. Somebody declare SHIFT!

Alleluia Ministries Botswana