Alleluia Ministries Anointing Oil

For members of AMI Who are in need of the Anointing Oil, i will give you the Official Link of Alleluia Ministries International where you can buy the Anointing Oil and Other Needs.

When you read the Bible, you will come across one of the most noble women in History, by the name of Esther. She was not an ordinary lady. She was an orphan who found sight in the eyes of the King and became a Queen. The life of Esther is that which speaks of elevation, favor and patriotism.

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8 Charles Crescent
South Africa


Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
International: (+27) 11 443 5705
Prayer-Line: (+27) 76 318 4777

Alleluia Ministries Anointing Oil