Alph Lukau AMI Live

Alph Lukau AMI Live – Join YouTube Live Streaming “Alleluia Ministries International”

Alph Lukau AMI Live – Join YouTube Live Streaming “Alleluia Ministries International”

Have you been to Alleluia Ministries International? is Quite a Great thing and Today we are going to tell you few things you about this blessed pastor , here in South Africa we have many Pastors and Men of God , but many are fake . so let’s kindly use few mins to express and tell you how and steps to visit and Watch Alph Lukau AMI Live , YouTube Live Streaming “Alleluia Ministries International” and Other things about how pastor Alph Lukau  was born in Congo , many of us do not know that Pastor Alph Lukau is a Congolese , so kindly relax while we tell you more about him. Please don’t forget to submit a Prayer Request.Alph Lukau AMI Live

Alph Lukau Live – Reviews and Sermons

Need full details about Alph Lukau Live? let’s kindly follow up with some of his latest Online sermons below and you will be told of what AMI Live Streaming like , follow up his sermons When you keep God first place, His blessings will chase you down. We’ve all had disappointments in the past, but don’t get stuck in a defeated mindset. Stay in faith, God has good things coming your way. A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you. If your resources is not enough to meet your needs, look at it as a seed. The more you thank life, the more life gives you to be thankful for.

To You, my ever dearest Lord, I don’t want to be a complainer anymore. I want to be a person who overflows with thankfulness for others and for You. May I accept whatever You give me in your proper time… I know that it’s hard to see both God’s plan and our part, but their intersection is the best place to be… show me how to start today… right now, right now oh Lord, at this moment. Amen!

Pastor Alph Lukau was born on 25th October 1975 his is 43 Years old , Below is his family picture with his parents who are Congolese , they lived his Congo before he vacates to South Africa where he has a Ministries Together with his Wife , Celeste Lukau , his full family details will be updated in our next post.

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