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Alleluia Ministries International 40 Days Fasting

 Alleluia Ministries International 40 Days Fasting

You want to be part of the Weekly and Monthly Fasting by AMI and want to Follow other of Pastor Alph Lukau’s updates , then let’s get started with the 2018 – 2019 Activities.Alleluia Ministries International 40 Days Fasting

submit your prayer requests using the box below , but on other note if you have urgent prayer request , Please Kindly use the Contact page for more details

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In AMI we PRAY. Chid of God, learn to take time to PRAY and SPEAK to God by yourself. If you can speak in tongues, speak in tongues as you PRAY.

Help us Lord to SERVE You
Help us Lord to stand rightfully before You
We need Your grace, we cannot do it alone
Cleanse us, purify us oh God
Draw us closer to You, let us align with Your will
Pull us closer to You that we may stand and speak like You
Lord You are the first in our lives
We submit to Your Lordship
Let the world see You through us
Give to each of us a heart that knows how to humble itself
Keep us faithful to Your cause
We want You to be in the throne of our lives

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