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Alleluia Ministries International Directions

 Alleluia Ministries International Directions

Visiting AMI Churches anywhere in the World is Quite easy and Fast , so let’s get started with the Directions for all the Branches , Looking For Directions to Any AMI Branch?Alleluia Ministries International Directions

Please visit the Branches page on our website, click on the branch you would like to go to…You will see its full address, Pastor’s name and their direct contact numbers. Use the Google map to direct you to the church from wherever you are! We look forward to receiving you! Proudly AMI

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God is bringing you in the culture of always winning

Whatever the enemy throws on a Monday, on a Tuesday, on a Wednesday, on a Thursday, on a Friday, on a Saturday or on a Sunday;

YOU will emerge VICTORIOUS. You are not alone. 
From this day wherever you go, you will WIN. You shall have VICTORY in the name of Jesus.

submit your prayer requests using the box below , but on other note if you have urgent prayer request , Please Kindly use the Contact page for more details

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