Alph Lukau And Alleluia Ministries

Alleluia Ministries International Channel

 Alleluia Ministries International Channel

Are you indeed to watch Pastor Alph Lukau live On Tv , then I Guess that AMI TV Will help you do that , so let’s get started with the TV Channel of Alleluia Ministries International , for GOTV , Dstv and Other Services.Alleluia Ministries International Channel

AMI TV is not a promotional channel but a tool for winning souls for God” – Shalom. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to AMI TV

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Press menu on your DStv decoder remote Go to option 7: advanced options “ok”, then dish installation “ok” Pin code – 9949 (for most decoders) After that go to network 3 (other)

Press ok Change frequency to 12523, symbol rate to 27500 3/4.
Before scanning all networks, on network 3 change the satellite from IS 20 to W7 and save, and then go change it again from W7 to IS 20 save and Scan All.

After your decoder has finished scanning, press TV on your remote and scroll down to PUBLIC bouquet and you should find it keep scrolling until you see AMITV POLARISATION – V PLUS

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